Name Temperature,°C pH Key benefits
NewCell Conc L50-604.5-5.5Celulase approved for GOTS.
NewCell 25000 L50-604.5-5.5High concentration, robust and easy to use. Excellent anti-pilling effect. Excellent stability in formulations.
NewCell CR Conc45-606.0-7.5Suitable for neutral and combination processes. Optimum retention of the original color. Excellent anti-pilling effect
NewCell Supreme 22500 L45-606.0-7.5High concentrate. Optimum color retention with very good antipilling effect under neutral conditions. Suitable for combine processes.
NewCell Prime 37500 L 50-604.5-5.5High concentrated. Robust and easy to use made.Perfect anti-pilling effect, excellent stability in formulations
NewCell L Ultra Conc50-604.5-5.5Acid high concentrate. Ideal for economical formulations.
NewCell LT 19500 L 35-456.0-8.0High concentrated enzyme indicated for neutral process at low temperature.