About US

NewEnzymes is a company with a strong focus in enzyme formulation. We are committed to changing the conventional systems for the better by using the biotechnology.

As enzyme specialist we strongly believe in bio innovative solutions that can potentially safe water, energy, time, facts that contribute to have a better sustainable planet, for us and especially for our future generations.

The headquarters of the company is located in Portugal and it has modern facilities of production and storage conditioned.

In the laboratories of New Enzymes a team of technicians guarantee the development of new products and its applications using the most advanced techniques works and always in narrow collaboration with the industry and university.

New Enzymes operates mainly in the South Europe market and it exports to more than 20 countries around the world.



New Enzymes seeks to reach an excellent positioning in their operative market, offering products and innovative knowledge that satisfy the necessities of the clients and market with a clear commitment in the sustainability like main axis of growth.

New Enzymes puts to the service their customers a long experience accumulated in the formulation and industrial application of complex enzymatic, participating in the development of projects and in the continuous improvement of processes.